What do replacement window contractors know about windows?


A recent study of over 10,000 homeowners between 25-55 years of age showed that they chose to get a new window because...

Improved energy efficiency

To allow more natural light

Noise Reduction

They Were Broken


Curb Appeal

Improved Durability

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Casement Windows

Casement windows are the type that crank open, with the window swinging outward to the right and the left. These windows are perfect for above the kitchen sink or in bedrooms because they allow for top-to-bottom ventilation. Casement windows also give you the flexibility to group them together. For example, they work well with an XOX style window, picture window, and so on.


Double-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows have only one opening sash, whereas double-hung windows have two opening sashes. This means that each section of the window can move independently from the other. One benefit of double and single hung windows is that they can be cleaned from inside your home. Simply tilt the sash in to clean. In addition, this style of window gives you greater control over airflow.

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Gliding Windows

Gliding windows slide horizontally, similarly to a sliding-glass door that you might find opening out onto a back deck. Sliding windows are perfect for decks and walkways, as well as other narrower spaces because they do not open outward.

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Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are created by window contractors by combining three or more windows together, and angling to jut outward from the home. With a bay or bow window combination, a homeowner can use casement or double-hung windows in the window replacement. Bay windows and bow windows are nice if you would like a little more space, and potentially to create more seating. In addition, they will let more light in.

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Awning Windows

Awning windows are often placed above or below picture windows. They allow for ventilation and also allow for a better view. Awning windows can be hinged along the top or the bottom to open outwards, depending on what makes sense for the window arrangement.


Picture Windows

Picture windows are often used in combinations, particularly for large expanses of wall. They are a stationary window and do not open. This allows for a larger and more energy-efficient window. It also cuts down on frames or paneling that might interrupt a beautiful view.

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Andersen Energy Efficient Windows

Take a minute to consider this, your windows have to stand up to everything the outdoors can throw against it. Snow, rain, hail, and wind can be a windows worst enemy, not to mention, flying debris and possible toys. Most of our replacement window types are available with Rhino Glass, which is close to unbreakable.

Window frames themselves can wear out over time. They get harder and harder to open and close, they may get twisted and warped over the years or possibly they are starting to crack, blister, and peel. Local window installation experts in Bozeman can tell you that time is just as hard on a window as weather can be.

Andersen replacement windows offer an excellent solution to your present home windows situation. America’s Choice and Andersen are committed to being your window and door companies for energy-efficient windows. With Andersen, we are able to order a large selection of custom sizes for a wide variety of total frame windows and patio doors. Also, Andersen offers a wide variety of interior and exterior options for all your window projects.

Call today and Jeanette will arrange for you to see and compare prices and styles. Whether you are planning for your future, or your home is your castle and you know exactly what you want, we are local replacement window contractors and are here to help. Contact us today because we are your Great Falls, Bozeman, and Helena replacement window contractors!

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