Common Problems Caused by Leaks in Commercial Roofing

Your roof is a vital part of your commercial property. If your commercial roof is compromised, it can lead to exponential costs in the future. Whether you own your business location, apartment complex, or office building, understanding potential issues is critical.

Common Issues Caused by a Leaking Commercial Roof

Mold Growth

When a roof leaks, the first thing that will happen is water will enter your roofline and soak into interior components. Very quickly, this will cause mold to start growing. Mold only needs a few basic elements in order to begin growing in your commercial building:

  • Moisture

  • Heat

  • A food source

Some food sources for mold include drywall and carpeting, but mold and mildew can grow on the grout of bathroom floors, in your insulation, and even on the building's wood frame.

Rotting Wood

As mold grows and moisture soaks into your wooden support beams, it could reduce the strength of your entire support structure. Over time, it could create a hazardous situation. From a sagging roofline to a complete collapse of your commercial roof, it's best to prevent water damage before your framing starts to rot.

Compromised Insulation

Most buildings are insulated with fiberglass insulation. This type of insulating material uses air pockets between the fibers to create a heat barrier. A leak in your commercial roof could cause your insulation to become wet. When exposed to water, fiberglass insulation will become heavy and crumple. Not only will this reduce its insulating qualities, but it could also add significant weight to your commercial ceiling, creating a severely dangerous situation.

Don't let a lack of maintenance or prompt repairs compromise your commercial roof. Contact America's Choice Inc today to have your commercial roof inspected, repaired, or replaced. Protect your investment and ensure a reliable water barrier for years to come.