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If your building's roof begins to fail, it could mean disaster. The roof is a building's first line of defense and protection against the elements, and a weakened roof could cause costly water damage. This can hurt your business and ability to serve your patrons, affecting your profit margin as well. If you see signs your roof requires attention, don't hesitate; talk to Montana's trusted roofing expert and immediately address the situation.

Here are seven signs your building needs commercial re-roofing:

Water Damage Indoors

If you notice interior water damage, like spots or stains on ceilings or walls, you should have your commercial roof inspected for damage. When it fails to keep rain and water out, you could have a serious problem if left unattended.

Increase in Utility Costs

Are your monthly energy costs rising? An ill-repaired roof will often cause an increase in heating or cooling costs. Check your bills and call America's Choice to assess your roof's...


Is your roof damaged? Missing shingles? Does it leak? It's important to know when your roof needs to be fixed or replaced. Roofing can be expensive, so it's no surprise that some homeowners try to push off repairing or replacing their roofs for as long as they can.

Taking care of your home and keeping it maintained is a big responsibility. It's not uncommon to forget to check for damage to windows, siding, and roofing. But it is essential to invest in your home and the future of your home. If not, things can break, your home's structure can become unsafe, and you might end up spending more money for more extensive repairs.

Leaving something to get worse is not a sensible or practical decision. Though many homeowners don't realize it, roofing adds resale value to a home. So, if you're thinking of selling your home in the near future and your roof requires being repaired or replaced, it's a smart investment to make. And even if you don't plan to be selling soon, why would you not want to fix your home's problems to remain safe in your home?

Resale value is a...


While metal roofs ordinarily require minimal maintenance, cleaning your metal roof will help protect and keep it looking great, year after year. If your metal roof is painted or has a specific coating, it's particularly essential to keep it clear of debris and residue. The special coating is there to keep the metal protected from breaking down. Even though it's formulated to stand up to the elements, regular cleaning will help it protect your roof for longer.

It would be best if you planned to clean your metal roof at least once per year or whenever you notice a buildup of debris, stains, mildew, moss, or mold.

Why Clean Your Metal Roof

Keeping your metal roof clean is an excellent way to increase its life, preserve your metal roof's appearance, and keep your home protected. Over time, damage from UV rays and oxygen contact will naturally cause the paint or coating to break down. If you've noticed a dusty, white residue on your roof's surface, this is referred to as chalking — a common sign that oxidation has started to wear the paint's...


Metal roofs and hail go together better than you might think. Metal roofs can handle Montana hail, even better than most other roofing types. Even in extreme weather situations, any damage to a metal roof will take the form of small dents but not puncture, tear, or break the roof.

Hail damage to a roof is usually not caused by the hail itself but the water that seeps through a roof after it's damaged by hail. If there's a crack in your roof, water can flow through it and cause severe damage to a building or home's interior and trigger long term problems such as mold and rot.

All roofing types, including shingles, tiles, and shakes, can be damaged by hail, but metal roofs are incredibly resistant to damage. If it occurs, any damage to a metal roof will likely be small cosmetic dents and not puncture the metal, cause structural problems, or compromise its integrity.

Factors That May Affect the Possibility of Hail Damage

Montana is known for its high winds and hail storms. When a storm does hit, certain factors determine how damage to...


If you're thinking of replacing your roof, you might be asking yourself, "What are the differences between metal and asphalt roofs?" We've got the answers to your questions and more to help you make your decision.

Metal vs. Asphalt

Asphalt roofs are the most traditional choice for a few reasons: they're cheaper, provide relatively adequate protection, and come in a variety of styles to match every home. Asphalt is not as durable as other roofing options, so it requires somewhat more maintenance and replacement after a certain period of time.

However, metal roofs last much longer. Available in various colors, metal roofing provides outstanding protection for your home. Metal roofs are generally more costly than asphalt, but they require considerably less maintenance, actually saving you money down the road.

Metal Roofing

As we said, metal roofs are preferred because of their durability and specialized style. Let's look at the advantages and drawbacks of metal and asphalt...


Your roof is a vital part of your commercial property. If your commercial roof is compromised, it can lead to exponential costs in the future. Whether you own your business location, apartment complex, or office building, understanding potential issues is critical.

Common Issues Caused by a Leaking Commercial Roof

Mold Growth

When a roof leaks, the first thing that will happen is water will enter your roofline and soak into interior components. Very quickly, this will cause mold to start growing. Mold only needs a few basic elements in order to begin growing in your commercial building:

  • Moisture

  • Heat

  • A food source

Some food sources for mold include drywall and carpeting, but mold and mildew can grow on the grout of bathroom floors, in your insulation, and even on the building's wood frame.

Rotting Wood

As mold grows and moisture soaks into your wooden support beams, it could reduce the strength of your entire support structure. Over time, it could create a hazardous...


As one of the top roofing contractors in Montana, we continually hear questions about roofing. Our goal at America's Choice Inc. is to educate Montana homeowners on everything there is to know about their roof replacement. For example, you may want to learn ways to maintain a new roof's integrity and lifespan. Fortunately for you, America's Choice is here with answers. Read on to learn more.

#1: When is it time for a new roof?

Replacing your roof is a significant investment and not one you should delay. Failing to replace your roof when it's time can lead to thousands of dollars in-home repairs from leaky shingles and structural damage. Several vital signs indicate roof replacement is in order, such as:

  • Bucking and curling shingles. Bucked shingles occur when moisture in the attic space causes nails to push out of place, loosen the shingle, compromise the shingles' performance, and expose the roof to the elements, resulting in leaks and even more moisture damage.

  • Algae growth. Bacteria from algae eat through the...

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